Fun at the Dead Sea Jordan 28/05/2017

The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea is the lowest point on earth (420 meters below sea level), bordering Jordan to the east, Israel & West Bank to the west. The area plays an important role in the Bible several biblical events took place in here like the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Known for its uniqueness, while at the Dead Sea you have the chance to bath without sinking in the water, it has a mineral-rich mud which at present is used in many beauty products & treatments due to its helpful effects on dermatological & rheumatic diseases which attracted visitors since ancient time, most popular is Queen Cleopatra who ordered to build a health resorts along its shores. 


Whether you are traveling as solo, couple, family or group the Dead Sea is a must place to visit for a quick dip or an overnight stay.


Are you excited to experience the Dead Sea?


For day visitors affordable options are:

Amman Beach

a public beach with changing room, shower room, swimming pools & restaurant on site. Towels & lockers are available for rent. Fridays & holidays are usually packed with locals & tourists.


O Beach Resort

a private beach distinctive Mediterranean architecture & lively colors with pools, shower, changing rooms & a restaurant.

3* & 4* hotels accept day visitors, better resorts like Marriott & Moevenpick charges more e.g 50 JD = 70 USD per person for day use.


Hotels options are:

3* Ramada Resort,

located 4 km from Bethany Beyond Jordan this boutique style resort accepts day visitors. The hotel has 161 rooms, 2 casual restaurants, poolside bar, fitness center & a spa.  


4* Dead Sea Spa Hotel,

located on the shore of the Dead Sea this spa hotel has 265 rooms, 3 restaurants, 2 bars, 5 swimming pools, play area for kids, meeting rooms, spa & a fitness center. The hotel accepts day visitors. 


4* Holiday Inn Resort

situated on the shore of the Dead Sea. This resort offers a one-day pass to a guest who wishes to take a quick deep at the shore. The hotel has heated pools, kid’s area, Jacuzzi, restaurants, spa, wellness center & 202 rooms.   


5* Crowne Plaza Resort

right next to Dead Sea Spa this resort & spa accepts day visitors. It has 420 rooms, 4 restaurants, spa, indoor & outdoor pools, kid’s club, a health club & conference center.


5* Jordan Valley Marriott

this luxury hotel has 250 rooms, private beach is about 3-minute walk, fitness center, hot tub, sauna, spa, 2 restaurants & 2 bars.  


5* Moevenpick Resort

located between Marriott & Kempinski the resort offers 346 rooms & suites, business center, meeting rooms, kid’s club, 9 restaurants & bars & the award-winning Zara Spa selected as one of 10 Best Spas in the World.


5* Hilton Resort

located before the Marriott Hotel, Hilton has 285 rooms & suites, direct access to the beach, floating pontoon, sun deck, spa, fitness center, infinity pool, kid’s pool, meeting rooms, 7 restaurants & bars.


5* Deluxe Kempinski Ishtar

the most luxurious resort at the Dead Sea offering 345 rooms & suites, private beach, indoor pool, 9 outdoor pools, spa, health club & 4 restaurants. The resort rarely accepts day visitors, if they allow the price is extravagant.


What to bring:

  1. Swimwear
  2. Flip flops or water sandals
  3. Sun block/sun protection
  4. Changing clothes
  5. Daypack/knapsack
  6. Waterproof camera


Good to know fact:

  1. The Dead Sea is not a sea it is a lake that is made up of approximately 33% salt.
  2. Dead Sea is ideal most of the year, the best weather is during spring & fall.  
  3. There is no such thing as swimming in the Dead Sea.


Helpful reminders:

  • The salt lining the sea bottom is rough & will cut you up so wearing flip-flops or water sandals is ideal.  
  • Do not shave at least 2 days before going to the Dead Sea, if you have any open cuts or sore be prepared to feel the burning sensation like literally putting salt in the wound.
  • Avoid staying on the water longer than 10-15 minutes the skin starts to feel itchy.
  • Do not let the water get near your face or eyes. If it happens, rinse well with fresh water.
  • Do not swallow the sea water, it tastes utterly bitter & can also make you retch.
  • Water often discolors what you wearing so wear an old bathing suit. Rinse them after you’ve got out of the water. 
  • Take a thorough shower after floating at the Dead Sea & rub off the mud.


Dining at the Dead Sea:

Your option whilst at the Dead Sea is the restaurant inside the hotel/resort. If staying in Hilton, Marriott, Moevenpick, Kempinski, Dead Sea Spa or Crowne Plaza another option is to go to the nearby Samarah Mall or drive to Madaba town. 


Nearby attraction to visit:

  1. Mount Nebo, a religious place known as the burial site of Prophet Moses.
  2. Bethany Beyond the Jordan or Jesus Baptism Site, about 9 km north of the Dead Sea is among the important discoveries in biblical archaeology.
  3. Madaba, an ancient town known for its mosaic. 
  4. Hammamat Ma’in Hot Springs, located between Madaba & Dead Sea. It has a series of natural hot springs & waterfalls. 
  5. Wadi Mujib, the lowest nature reserve on earth. The popular trail is the self-guided Siq Trail.
  6. Dead Sea Panorama Complex, near Hammamat Ma’in the complex has the museum, panorama outlook, meeting hall & a restaurant.

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