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Is Madaba Worth Visiting?

The City of Mosaics or simply Madaba! First question might cross into your mind, is Madaba worth visiting? Is it really…

What is Little Petra in Jordan?

Just a 15 minutes ride from Petra, passing through Umm Sayhoun village, Little Petra is located. Like its name suggests,…

4 Desert Castles & Azraq Oasis

4 Desert Castles 1. Qasr Al Halabat  During the Umayyad dynasty, novles and wealthy families built small castles in…

Mosaic Floor Um Ar Rasas

What to see in Um Ar Rasas

Um Ar Rasas is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Jordan, but not often found as part of regular tour itineraries.…

Hammamat Ma'in

Ma’in is considered to be one of the most attractive places for tourists in the Hashemite Kingdom of…

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