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Ajloun Hiking Trails

Ajloun Forest Reserve is located in the Ajloun highlands north of Amman and covers 13 square kilometers. It is dominated…

Dana Hiking Trails

Dana is with 320 square kms Jordan's largest nature reserve, located in south-central Jordan. The reserve consisting…

The 4 Wadi Al Mujib Trails

Wadi Mujib is a good place for adventures like hiking and canyoning with its area of about 220 square km offers a variety…

6 Adventure Activities to Do in Jordan

6 Adventure Activities to Do in Jordan

Advenure travel Jordan: Some travel to explore new cultures or try new food, and then we have others who travel to seek…

4 Desert High Wall Castles in Jordan

A day of excursion to the desert high wall castles is a perfect way to spending your Jordanian holiday. The castles, nestled…

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