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Delicious Dishes in Egypt

Food is the most important thing in our lives. It reflects our personality, history, region and even our religions. The…

Fascinating Food facts in Jordan

Fascinating food facts in Jordan  Every country has its own traditions, culture and beliefs. You need to have some…

Top 7 Cheap Food in Jordan

Top 7 Cheap Food in Jordan

Local Budget meals in Jordan: Food is delicious and pretty much everyone who travels to a new country loves trying the place’s…

Nothing Tastes Like Jordanian  Food and Arabic Cuisine

Nothing Tastes Like Jordan!

There’s a quote in Jordan that says: “Even when you’re full, you can still always eat 40…


Sweets Please, A Quick Look to Arabic Desserts

When it comes to dessert, the more, the better and the merrier, we have put together several famous Middle Eastern sweets…

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