The Ultimate Guide to Petra 18/05/2017

Operation Hours:

Open Daily from 06:00-18:00 during summer & 06:30-16:00 during winter.


Approximate Driving Duration:

3 hrs from Amman

2.5 hrs from the Dead Sea

2 hrs from Wadi Araba Border or Aqaba

1.5 hrs from Wadi Rum


Cost of Entry Ticket Per Person:

1-day pass: 50 JD

2-day pass: 55 JD

3-day pass: 60 JD

Day visitors from Israel: 90 JD

Locals, Residents & Arab Passport Holders: 1 JD

12 year old & above pays the full entrance fee to Petra


Best Time to Visit:

Spring (Mar to May) & Autumn (Sep to Nov)

The temperature is pleasant, around 18-25 Degrees Celsius.

About Petra:

Petra an ancient city initially identified to the Nabataeans as Raqmu, believed to be established around 312 BC as the capital city of the Arab Nabataeans. Due to its proximity to trade routes, the nomadic Arabs took advantage of it & established a major trading center. The historical city is located in the south of Jordan & today the most-visited tourist attraction.


Petra was built on a terrace, pierced from east to west by the Wadi Musa, where according to tradition, Moses hit a rock and water gushed forward. Often referred to as Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it is carved as this magnificent place is famous for its impressive rock architecture & water channel system.


Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985 & one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.


What to wear & bring:

  • Comfortable & sturdy walking shoes

  • Comfortable shirts & trousers

  • Backpack or knapsack

  • Bottled water & snacks

  • Hat/caps

  • Shawl/Scarf

  • Sunglasses & sunblock

What to expect:

  • You can comfortably visit Petra in a day. Each person has different levels of historic site tolerance. You could spend 4-6 hours exploring, or twice but even so, one day gives you sufficient time.
  • Bedouin sellers, stall holders, are on site, selling everything from Jewelry, pictures, to carpets. Sales techniques are persistent; you’ll get an offer on a lot of stuff & a couple of times. To avoid the hassle, don’t look at whatever you’re not interested in buying, politely say “no thank you” or “la shukran” to any unwanted sales offer.
  • Petra is huge. If you want to see all, one day is just not enough. Ideally, it takes 3-4 days & depends on how much of Petra you want to look at.

Standard Tour to Petra Attractions:

  • Obelisk Tomb

  • Canyon or Siq

  • Khazneh or Treasury

  • Street of Façades

  • Royal Tombs

  • Roman Theatre

  • Colonnaded Street

  • Qasr Al Bint

Hiker & Adventure Travelers Favorite:

  • Monastery El Deir

  • High Place of Sacrifice

  • Soldier’s Tomb

  • Little Petra to Monastery El Deir

  • Treasury from above

Guiding Fees in Petra:

Standard Tour: 50 JD

Supplement High Place: + 35 JD

Supplement Monastery El Deir:  + 50 JD

Supplement Wadi Farasa / Soldier Tomb: + 60 JD


Modes of Transportation in Petra:

  • Horses – entry ticket includes free 700 meters short horse ride (main gate until before entrance to the Siq) the handler expects a tip. 

  • Donkeys

  • Camels

  • Horse drew carriages – there are limited carriages on site, first & foremost for elderly & handicapped visitors. Max capacity is 2 persons per carriage & operates from the main gate to treasury for 20 JD per carriage.


  • Booking Jordan is not liable for securing a reservation for any stated transportation.
  • Booking Jordan is not liable for any mistreatment or abuse of any animals in Petra. If you witness an incident like this, we do advise you to directly report to tourist police (phone+962 3 215 6487) or Petra Development & Tourism Regional Authority (phone +962 3 215 7093) or Ministry of Tourism (phone + 962 6 460 3360).

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