Amman Airport Gate

Airports in Jordan - Amman and Aqaba 12/12/2019

Jordan has two airports for commercial passenger flights, one close to the capital Amman and one close to Aqaba. The main and largest airport is Amman named after Queen Alia, the third wife of the late King Hussein. The airport was officially opened in 1983. A new terminal, designed by the architect Norman Foster, started to operate in 2013. The national airline of Jordan is Royal Jordanian with over 45 destinations worldwide.
Taxis are available outside the terminal around the clock. A shuttle bus, the Sariya Express, operates from 06:00 to 17:00 every 30 minutes and from 17:00 to 05:00 every hour. The bus stops in Amman at the Seventh Circle, the Sixth Circle, the Fifth Circle, the Fourth Circle, the Housing Bank Complex and the North Bus Station. The ticket costs 3.3 JD per person. Royal Jordanian passengers can use a shuttle to the city terminal, close to the Seventh Circle in Amman. This shuttle departs every 30 minutes and the ticket costs 2 JD per person. Depending on traffic you reach Amman City in about 30 minutes. The IATA Code of Amman Airport is AMM. 
In the south of Jordan Aqaba Airport, officially King Hussein International Airport, welcomes travelers. The airport is located directly on the Red Sea, next to the coastal town of Aqaba and in close proximity to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The airport is small and has a single terminal building. Royal Jordanian offers daily flights between Amman and Aqaba with a flight time of 45 minutes, and charter flights from Europe arrive here. Airport taxis reach within 15 minutes Aqaba City. The IATA Code is AQJ.

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