Camping in Jordan 29/04/2020

Planning to camp in Jordan can be done in so many ways from glamping to wild camping at a forest, hill side or even at the desert. Camping is one of the interesting activity to do when visiting Jordan. Visitors will experience a different way of knowing the Kingdom for its stunning scenery, beautiful nature and wildlife. 

The following are the places where you can do camping; 

Ajloun Forest Reserve

It is located in the Ajloun highlands north of Amman and covers 13 square kilometers. It is dominated by open woodlands of Evergreen Oak, Pine, Carob, Wild Pistachio and Wild Strawberry trees. These trees have been important to local people for their wood, scenic beauty and quite often for medicine and food.

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) which manage the reserve provides three different types of accommodation. These are cabins located in a large grassy clearing on the edge of the forest and offers beautiful views of the reserve. The cabins provide the perfect way for you to experience nature with some additional comfort.


Jordan EcoPark 

It is previously known as Sharbil bin Hassneh EcoPark which is considered as a leading model for the preserving ecologically important habitats in Jordan. Located in the northern part of the Jordan Valley. This EcoPark has a diverse Mediterranean bushland ecosystem and the first dam in Jordan – Zaglab Dam. It also offers a lot of activities for such as bird - watching, biking, hiking and etc. 

Visitors can stay in an air-conditioned cabins or wild camping at the campsite. Those who stays at the campsite can have access to hot showers, electricity, drinking water, WiFi internet, toilets and showers.


Dibeen Forest 

Dibeen Forest Reserve is a nature reserve located in the north-west of Jordan. It is situated just south of the Roman site of Jerash and covers an area of 8.5 square kilometers of rolling hills covered with pine–oak habitat.

The place is very clean and quiet which is ideal for wild camping goers, toiletries and other services are less. You will have a stunning view of the lovely green mountains and forest. The reserve has a deer animal reserve where you can feed them, a good experience for kids as well. The weather is nice even during the hot summer days. 


Dana Biosphere Reserve 

It is a series of valleys and mountains extending from the far east of the Jordan Valley to the Wadi Araba desert. Based on an area of 308 square kilometers, the visitor to this area open up a scene that can captivates hearts. These steep mountains reflect the colors of the rocks mixed between red and white, surrounded by forests.

There are a number of camps in Dana where you can spend a very unique and wonderful night with good homemade food as well as meet new people at really good prices. The camps provide basic amenities and services but you will enjoy the spectacular view on the valley.


Wadi Rum Desert

Wadi Rum is one of the world's most beautiful desert. More than just a sea of rolling dunes, this protected wilderness near Jordan's southern border is made unique by the dramatic sandstone and Basalt Mountains jutting out of its sandy floor. 

Your options for spending the night in Wadi Rum vary from luxury glamping to sleeping bags in the open-air. Regardless of where your budget and interests fall, the remoteness of this desert paradise means you'll feel close to nature in even the cushiest of camps.


Bedouin Style Camping: if you are interested in spending pure Bedouin night in Wadi Rum. There are many of tourist camps in the area for you to select from, all with quality and cleanliness vary. Typically, each has a number of private tent cabins that house between 2 and 6 people and shared bathroom facilities with solar-heated water. The communal area normally includes a kitchen, indoor dining area, and outdoor lounge space around a fire. These days, most camps also offer electricity in the evenings, alleviating worries about phones and cameras that need to be charged.  

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