Tour Clothing Suggestion: What to Wear in Jordan? 01/12/2017

Visiting the country of Jordan is definitely an unforgettable experience that you can bring along when you return home. You can become one of the eight million happy tourists to visit the country brought by numerous fun-filled activities being offered. Tourist can do sightseeing in interesting places like Petra, Jerash and as far as Al-Maghtas, a popular destination for the pilgrims. There are also camping trails, outdoor adventures and seaside recreations in different parts of the country.


Whether you want to walk around the busy streets or do some hiking adventures at some dry desert spots, it is essential to know the appropriate attire that is suitable during your stay in Jordan. The Middle Eastern nation is considered a conservative Muslim country and its citizens are determined to preserve their long-established culture. Particularly for women, exposing the skin from cleavage, arms, back, and legs are strongly discouraged. The clothes you need to wear are based on the nature of the trip and the prevailing climate during your visit.


Tourist, especially women, should understand the nature of Jordanian culture at any tourist spots to be visited. While many desert areas of the country are characterized by high temperatures, the heated climate is moderated by the daytime breeze and low levels of humidity. Summertime temperature is averaging 32°C to 40°C between the months of May and September while winter drops to 13°C during the months of November to March. So it is important not to stress yourself about what your luggage should have when visiting.


Clothing suggestions for women

Women are advised to wear full cover-up clothing like plain tees, cardigan, tank tops and long-sleeved blouses. Body skin should not be exposed because it certainly draws public attention particularly men and conservative members of the society. Before leaving the hotel, hair should be thoroughly dried up because wet hair is perceived as sexual attraction. Long dresses, leggings and cotton blend pants are recommended for lower body outfits.


Depending on your schedule, you can bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes, hiking boots, flip-flops, and sandals for different day-by-day tour activities. Hiking boots or ankle boots are appropriate to tourist spots with uneven pathways and sandy environment. For highly urbanized areas, local citizens often wear fashionable dresses while a Jilbab, along with women's coat, is commonly used in conservative districts. If you are visiting a mosque, it is also essential to bring along a scarf to cover your head.


The typical streets of Jordan are described as dusty along with humid climate conditions, so it is better to wear sporty or closed-toed shoes. On beaches or hotel pool amenities, many women prefer to wear full-body or two-piece swimsuits, but

they often cover themselves with a shirt and fitness pants. As much as possible, they should refrain from exposing their natural skin in public. The appropriate clothing will always depend on the existing culture of your target tourist destination so make sure to check your itinerary and travel advisories for proper guidance.


Clothing suggestions for men when visiting Jordan

Bringing a pair of long pants and few pieces of shirts with sleeve suits just fine. Whether local citizens or tourist, men do not require full coverage of their bodies unlike in the case of women. However, they should be sensitive when wearing message shirts particularly on offensive remarks about religion, gender and social issues affecting Muslim communities. Additionally, it would be better to prepare outdoor shoes for some adventure rides and hiking.


Sudden temperature change often happens in Jordan, so it is necessary to bring extra clothes as an added protection. With these useful guidelines, nothing will stop you from experiencing a unique Jordanian hospitality.

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