Hammamat Ma'in 12/12/2019

Ma’in is considered to be one of the most attractive places for tourists in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The reason for this is high and dark mountain scenes that are split by hot water coming from the top of the basaltic mountain that contains fiery rocks. In splendor and beauty, it should be noted that this water completes its path towards the Mujib Reserve, towards the Dead Sea by crossing through the mountains of Ma’in and the Zara region known for its hot waters.
Therapeutic Tourism abounds in Ma’in baths, especially in the winter season. The reason for this is the warm climate of the region, especially in the Jordan Valley and high-rise mountain areas, where thousands of tourists visit it every year, due to the belief that this hot water has the ability to recover from chronic and incurable diseases such as diseases skin, blood circulation, bone pain, joints, endocrine secretion, chronic sinusitis as well as back and muscle pain and other diseases; Many believe that the reason for this is because this water contains many important elements such as sodium, calcium, chloride, radon gas, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide in addition to the high temperature, and this ability has been proven to stimulate the human body and treat in from psychological, nervous, and physical exhaustion. 


Benefits of Ma’in bath water:
1. Ma’in bath water helps treat skin infections such as allergic rashes, eczema, and others. 
2. It treat gout and relieves its symptoms.
3. It helps relax muscles and convulsive joints.
4. It regulates the metabolism in the body, which stimulates the burning of more calories, thus burning more surface fat accumulated under the skin.
5. Adjusts the heart rate and stimulates blood circulation.
6. It increases the elasticity of the body’s tissues, making if softer, and more lively.
7. Blood vessels expand in the blood vessels, and regenerate the blood that reaches them.
8. It relieves body pain in general, and relaxes and relaxes.
9. It protects against diseases and infections thanks to its natural anti-diesase ingredients. 
10. It deals with herniated discs and cartilage joints.
11. Relieves spinal rheumatic pain, and vertebral infections.
12. It addresses respiratory disorders, such as problems caused by sinuses, asthma, and bronchitis.
13. It clears the skin, gives it freshness and vitality.


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