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Jordan during Ramadan

  What is Ramadan ?  Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is observed by Muslims worldwide as…

6 Adventure Activities to Do in Jordan

6 Adventure Activities to Do in Jordan

Advenure travel Jordan: Some travel to explore new cultures or try new food, and then we have others who travel to seek…

Top 7 Cheap Food in Jordan

Top 7 Cheap Food in Jordan

Local Budget meals in Jordan: Food is delicious and pretty much everyone who travels to a new country loves trying the place’s…

Jordan Country in the Middle East

Essential guide to traveling to Jordan 

Jordan Traveling Guide: You’ve heard about Jordan and you are starting to decide if it’s a country that you’d…

Things to do in Jordan Beyond Petra

5 things to do in Jordan beyond Visiting Petra

Beyond Visting Petra: 5 Things to do in Jordan  Let me begin with emphasizing that Petra is amazing and beyond amazing.…

Nothing Tastes Like Jordanian  Food and Arabic Cuisine

Nothing Tastes Like Jordan!

There’s a quote in Jordan that says: “Even when you’re full, you can still always eat 40…

Petra By Night

The Red-rose City of Petra illuminated by 1,800 Candles! Visiting Petra in daylight is awe-inspiring! But, experiencing…

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