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Canyons with Palms Jordan

Hiking Jordan’s Water Canyons – Wadis and Waterfalls

Jordan surprises with unexpected natural beauty. A good example are the wadis and canyons along the Dead Sea hidden in the…

Airport Hall

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines

Due to the Coronavirus and COVID-19 governments imposed travel restrictions. We summarized some travel updates…

Umayyad Palace Citadel Amman

Explore 7 Fascinating Castles in Jordan

Jordan's castles and palaces are beautiful examples of both Islamic and Byzantine art and architecture, stand testament…

Delicious Dishes in Egypt

Food is the most important thing in our lives. It reflects our personality, history, region and even our religions. The…

Camping in Jordan

Planning to camp in Jordan can be done in so many ways from glamping to wild camping at a forest, hill side or even at the…

Religious Sites in the Holy Land

Visiting the religious sites is very important for the awareness of our common heritage. And it helps us to explore the…

Is Madaba Worth Visiting?

The City of Mosaics or simply Madaba! First question might cross into your mind, is Madaba worth visiting? Is it really…

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Наше додаток має всі ваші потреби бронювання Покриття: безпечний спосіб оплати каналів, легкий процес бронювання 4-кроку, і гладкий дизайн користувальницького. Що ще ви могли б попросити?